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Free Website Design Offer


Having been in the industry for many years we have had a great deal of feedback from businesses in many sectors. We all recognise that having a website is a natural requirement for any new or developed company today.

We know that the main reasons for customers not having a website include cost, waiting for a friend to build one, lack of knowledge and time.

We would like to introduce our free website design offer. Anyone can have this whether you are a small business or sole trader and a large business and want a simple precence online. It primarily suits small one man businesses like plumbers, builders, accountants, take aways, bed and breakfasts etc.


Providing you can supply all the content, logos and pictures and a basic idea of what you would like in a timely manner, we will design a small 1 to 2 page website with basic optimisation, email, map, and services section for free within 24 - 48hrs. You will still have to pay us for your domain name (i.e and for the hosting (all business have to pay this - its like your rent online). If you would like more details please contact us.

Whats in it for us?

Well naturally businesses grow and we hope (yes hope) that if you need more pages or want any additional marketing services you'll use us to help you. If not all we ask is that you recommend to other businesses. Additionally we will build a stronger portfolio helping us to get more business.

So if you want improve your business, become more reputable, show a stronger image or just have an online prescence please get in touch.